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Dr. Bahar Ata-Abadi and Dr. Kamran Ata-Abadi are dentists and parents who understand how hectic life can get with children. To help make your life a little easier, Dentistry at Grayhawk provides family dentistry at their offices in Scottsdale and Cave Creek, Arizona so that you can manage your child’s dental health needs and your own in one place. For great dental care for the whole family, call today or book an appointment online.

Family Dentistry Q & A

What is family dentistry?

A family dentist provides various oral care services in one place to make getting proper dental care for you and your kids a little easier. As a family dental practice, the Dentistry at Grayhawk team offers:

  • Adult and pediatric dental care
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Denture care and crown placement
  • Orthodontic treatment with Invisalign®

When should children start going to the dentist?

The Dentistry at Grayhawk team recommends that you bring your child in for a visit when their first tooth appears. Starting dental care early may help prevent dental decay and other dental problems.

Early visits to your family dentist may also help your child feel less anxiety when coming in for checkups, cleanings, and other treatments. As parents themselves, Dr. Bahar and Dr. Kamran understand how you and your child might feel when coming to the dentist, and they aim to make every patient feel comfortable by treating them as part of the family.

What your children eat significantly affects their oral health. To reduce the risk of cavities, the team at Dentistry at Grayhawk recommends you offer your kids healthy choices from all food groups and limit foods and drinks linked to cavities, such as soda, juice, candy, and sticky starches like pretzels and potato chips.

What can I expect during a dental visit?

Whether for you or your child, your visit with the Dentistry at Grayhawk team may include:

  • Oral examination
  • X-rays, if needed
  • Teeth cleaning and polishing
  • Discussion of oral health or cosmetic concerns

Dr. Bahar and Dr. Kamran recommend that your family visits twice a year for checkups and cleanings. If additional work is needed, such as a filling for a cavity or placement of veneers, they have you make a separate appointment.

When it comes to specialized care for your child, the Dentistry at Grayhawk team involves you in the process and discusses your child’s teeth, offering tips on how you can help keep them healthy.

If you’re looking for a dentistry practice that treats you like family and can address all of your dental needs, call the Dentistry at Grayhawk offices or use the online tool to book an appointment.