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If you want a permanent and natural-looking solution to a lost tooth or teeth, consider dental implants. Dr. Bahar Ata-Abadi and Dr. Kamran Ata-Abadi install dental implants with natural-looking dental crowns using the Straumann® implant system for adult patients at Dentistry at Grayhawk in Scottsdale and Cave Creek, Arizona. If you’ve lost one or more of your teeth, call or schedule an appointment online today for a dental implant consultation.

Dental Implant Crowns Q & A

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a permanent cap that covers your tooth. Crowns can be made of metals, but they can also be fabricated with porcelain fused to metal. That option creates a natural appearance that's strong and durable.

Besides covering damaged or unattractive teeth, crowns are an integral part of dental implants. A crown provides the visible part of the tooth replacement.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are prosthetic teeth that are permanently fixed into your jaw for a natural-looking and easy-to-care-for solution to lost teeth. Dental implants have three primary parts: a post inserted into your jawbone, a dental crown, and an abutment that attaches them.

Dentistry at Grayhawk uses the Straumann dental implant system to offer flexibility when it comes to the look and material of your implant components.

How is a dental implant crown installed?

If your jaw is strong enough to support a dental implant, Dr. Ata-Abadi can install it in three appointments.

Your first appointment entails placing the post in your jaw. You need to wait for the post to bond with the bone — a process called osseointegration — and for your gums to heal before your next appointment.

At the second appointment, Dr. Ata-Abadi attaches the abutment to the post and takes impressions of your mouth. These are used to make crowns that specifically fit your mouth.

You have your custom crowns checked for proper fit during the final appointment. That's also when your dentist installs them, which means you get to go home with a beautiful and complete smile.

How do I take care of a dental implant crown at home?

You treat dental implant crowns just as you do your natural teeth. Make sure to brush for two minutes at least twice a day using a soft-bristled toothbrush and floss at least once a day.

It’s also important to have routine dental checkups and cleanings at Dentistry at Grayhawk. While your dental implants don’t decay, Dr. Ata-Abadi still needs to monitor the health of your gums and remaining natural teeth.

If you’re missing a tooth and want to wear a confident smile again, call or schedule an appointment online today to find out if a Straumann dental implant is right for you.